the dink shows up.

May 6, 2011

an interview with your yours truly at The Writers Connection can be found here:

also……I GOT A NEW DOG!!!! and yes, she’s from the local shelter. after much discussion, we named her Dink.

yours, mary

7 Responses to “the dink shows up.”

  1. Karen perry Says:

    So sweet.

  2. mguterson Says:

    i changed her name to Nancy Sinatra.

  3. mguterson Says:

    crocheting them! (not really.)

  4. Karen perry Says:

    I really enjoyed your interview in THE WRITERS CONNECTION that you refer to in this blog. Very nice!

  5. Karen perry Says:

    “which” you refer to?

  6. mguterson Says:

    well, it all depends on what you mean. did you enjoy the interview i refer to in this blog, as opposed to an interview i don’t refer to in this blog? Or did you enjoy this interview all on its own, as in: this one in particular and not taking into account any other interviews?

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