one stop shopping

April 27, 2012

i’m on page 161 of my friend maria semple’s new book “Where’d You Go, Bernadette,” and i’m here to say you really should put it on your list to buy when it comes out which is August 14th. Don’t worry, i will remind you. Maria is SO FUNNY and so smart, it just about kills me.

and another winner is Edward St. Aubyn’s “Patrick Melrose Novels.” If you don’t like this guy’s writing, then there is something wrong with you. I’m not kidding. You can use it as a test of sorts to find out if you need therapy, or a new therapist, of just some really good drugs. I mean, besides the ones you are already taking. (If you do not take drugs already, WHO ARE YOU?)

Also, can i say that north hollywood/burbank starts off looking like the ugliest place you ever saw in your life, and then you live here and, little by little, you start to notice the best, most wonderful things and places? Like today, a friend pointed out to me this cute little shop that says “Gift Shop and Caskets” on the awning. That made me so happy.

have a good afternoon, everybody. Or life, if you never come back to this stupid blog again. Which, if you are smart (another test!), you won’t.

yours, mary

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3 Responses to “one stop shopping”

  1. KGT Says:

    Hey is it true you’re the final judge for that 2012 Red Hen Press short story writing contest that has a deadline of June 30th and a $1,000 prize?

    • mguterson Says:

      Observant FB reader: Yes! It is true! I guess i should put stuff like that in my blog entries, huh? Thank god i’ve got people like you to remind me about my own life.

  2. runsailwrite Says:

    My book club is reading this for January. Which means I will be reading it during the magical week of Jan 13. You can tell me all about the author! (This is Vanessa).

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