I am five foot five and three quarters. Almost.

i’m not telling you how much i weigh. That part was a joke. As if i would tell you how much i weigh!

i’ve written two novels:

GONE TO THE DOGS (St. Martin’s, 2009)

WE ARE ALL FINE HERE (Putnam, 2005; Berkeley, 2006)

You can buy both of them on Amazon. Or you can ask your local bookseller to order it for you. Yeah, do that first. Ask your local bookstore.

There isn’t that much more of interest to tell you. i live in los angeles. I teach fiction writing. I take an art class. i lack even the smallest hint of motivation to exercise. i have two kids. One will be on Broadway and the other will be President of the United States.

15 Responses to “height, weight, etc.”

  1. How are they hanging?

  2. Glad to see the blog back in business!!!

  3. mguterson Says:

    Glad to be back.
    As far as my hanging factor, i’ll let you be the judge of that. Still getting blasted with rays until June 3. Then, to seattle. Then, to vanessa!!!! YAY!!!

  4. Karen perry Says:

    I like that photo! I want to see your art! Please. xxoo

  5. mguterson Says:

    oh karen. i wish i had some art to show you. Oh, wait! I do! On my I-phone. I’ve been taking an art class, but i am so out of it i TOTALLY FORGOT THAT I WAS DOING THAT. I will send you a photo of the apples i drew. You’re the only person on the PLANET who will appreciate it.

  6. Diane McN. Says:

    I really like this photo of you, Mary. Are those jeans new? :)

    • mguterson Says:

      Hey darling diane!
      i wear the same thing every day of my life–those jeans are JCrew and i have about six pairs. Straight leg. Love them. I saw your website. Girl, you are really stretching your creative juices! Love the bags!!!

  7. Karen Perry Says:

    Nice photo. It does look like you were thinking of jumping before the blog asked for your info and distracted you (fortunately). I think I am still waiting to see your ART. Take an iPhone (or some phone) photo(s) and email it (them) to me. I would love it! xxoo

  8. Karen Perry Says:

    That prior comment was just plain, I’d say,dumb. Except wanting to see your art. I really want to see it. I don’t think you sent an apple. xxoo

  9. mguterson Says:

    you never say anything dumb, karen!!! the apple drawing got wrecked. Fell behind my book shelves, etc. i will send you some of my watercolors as soon as i remember to do it. xoxoox

  10. Eugene Alper Says:

    Dear Ms. Guterson (maybe Mary?). I’ve read that you teach writing and I wonder if I could ask you a specific question about it. It doesn’t have to be in person, I can write you and then send you a check for your time. (Although the fact that you’re in North Hollywood and I in Valley Village seems convenient.)

    I guess I could call myself a writer–except that I am a very stuck one… I don’t write creative fiction, rather research.

    Thank you,


  11. gabrielle Says:

    I just checked out “We are all fine here” from my local library and LOVE it so far…very well-written and it’s definitely keeping my intrigued!

    • mguterson Says:

      Oh hey! thanks for writing! I hardly ever check my website anymore so i only just now found your message. I hope you liked the rest of the book…

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