4 Responses to “my books”

  1. Kathy Grainger Says:

    Hi Mary, I was at the Xmas House (yes, in April) and was driving home with a carload of neighbors, rounding the corner when I said, “Mary Guterson lives there” and one of my neighbors said, “No she doesn’t, she lives in LA” and I said, “Wha, but I just saw her husband on the ferry last week,” wherein she replied, “She’s divorced” and I said, “Wha … I’m seeing Erin on Saturday, I’ll get confirmation.” Well, sure enough. And here you are. Good luck and I guess I won’t be running into you any time soon at T & C or EHBC. Wow, “cha, cha, cha changes” as David Bowie (I think says). I truly wish you well, it sounds as if you have a million things going on, and your vitamin D level is going to soar! No supplements for you any more! It’s beautiful here today (finally) so off to weed and plant a few geraniums – 4 for $10 at T & C – Big Board Buy! xo

  2. mguterson Says:

    hi kathy!
    yeah, well, what can i say? Change is good. Also painful.
    You’ll actually most likely run into me at T and C before you know it. I’m back up there a lot!
    Hugs to Lily.
    xo mary

  3. Karen perry Says:

    I did not know u knew graingers! They r my neighbors. But then I tink u know everyone! I used to buy eggs from lily when she was a little girl! xo

  4. mguterson Says:

    they are such nice people.
    do you realize i’ve been to their house…….and NOT TO KAREN PERRY’S?
    when i’m back up there, we have to go to salmon canyon.

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